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Tom Bedell: Rocking the Atlantic

Tom Bedell is the afternoon drive host at Q104 in Halifax. His career started in the late 80's in Saint John, N.B at the legendary CFBC, and has been driving Metro Halifax home since 1998.

In this episode, Tom recalls those early days in New Brunswick and his early stints in Woodstock, NB, Halifax and later on up in Kentville, Nova Scotia working at Annapolis Valley Radio. We recall fondly how the area and the station and the people at those stations shaped both our radio careers, We also get into the history of Q104 and its durability as one of North America's premiere rock stations.

There are a few other episodes featuring Maritimers, all of whom were mentioned by Tom in the episode, including: Dave Bannerman, Darin Harvey, and JC Douglas.

To listen to Tom's show in Canada, use the Radioplayer Canada app.


At the outset of the show, Tom and I talked about seeing one another while we dropped of our kids at Mount Allison University. After I recorded the show I realized that we probably should have seen them graduate in May 2021 as well, but all that went awry with the pandemic. What's really sad is that missing stuff has just become to feel normal... and I think that's sad.

Anyhow, shoutout to Andrew Cundill, Julia Bedell, and the MT. A classes of 2002 and 2021 who couldn't cross the stage in front of their families.



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