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Jay Nachlis: Sharing Insights

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Jay Nachlis recently celebrated 5 years at Coleman Insights, he admitted that "not every career move I've made was the best decision, but every one of them was important for different reasons. With every single one, I made lasting friendships, learned from mistakes, and got better."

Which is why he ascended to VP/Consultant & Marketing Director at Coleman Insights earlier this year. I had the opportunity to meet Jay at Podcast Movement earlier this year and found ourselves talking about Canadian radio, Buffalo, the Buffalo Bills, podcasting, and more Buffalo Bills.

In this episode, you will hear about Jay's early radio days working in Syracuse at the campus radio station, (WJPZ) going back to San Francisco to look for work, only to return to Syracuse at WYYY and rise to PD at the age of 24. We later get into his time in Buffalo, Detroit and a very important moment involving comedian Kurtis Connor, which Jay blogged about here.

We also spoke about the buzz in the room at Morning Show Bootcamp and Podcast Movement.

Jay also does voiceovers


I also asked about Nickelback and their fractured yet passionate relationship with rock radio fans. Here is an excellent article from the National Post I was interviewed for from last year.

And we also exchanged Shinedown stories. Here is the extra song they played for our audience when they visited the radio station I was programming.

It did not take long for the good people at Boom 97.3 to take note of the show and react to our discussion about Jay's blog. In short, during a performance in Raleigh, Toronto Comedian Kurtis Connor told his Gen Z / Millennial audience that he listened to the radio. That led to a smattering of boos followed by Conner telling the audience how much he enjoys the station. When done well - radio is awesome. From the sounds of it, it sounds like there's not a lot of it being done well in Raleigh.

By the way, our episode with Troy McCallum is still one of our best and can be enjoyed here:




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