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Jon Gay: JAG in Detroit

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Jon Gay has a radio story that is probably not unlike yours if you have worked on the programming side of radio. It involves a little bit of the WKRP theme song, "Town to Town. Up and Down the dial...". Jon's radio career started with an internship at Kiss 108 in his hometown Boston. His stint at Syracuse University got him even closer to his dream on being a top radio personality. His tenure in Vermont, Detroit, and New Orleans all ended with radio cutbacks - which later became known as "restructuring and what is now affectionately known today as "dislocation".

In this episode, we talked about those struggles and how Jon rebounded by starting Jag In Detroit Podcasting which creates branded podcasts for companies. Admittedly, we spent a fair amount of time on Vermont radio because I am very familiar with that radio market and travel through the area often. (I first heard Jon on WXXX (95 Triple X) all those years ago.


I promised you a few links in the show notes including:

Jon's powerful social media piece he circulates annually about losing his best friend Bill Leaf to a drunk driver.


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