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Jeremy Baker: The Wanderer

Updated: Jul 3

It appears that Jeremy Baker has come full circle. After starting the commercial part of his career at the Zone in Victoria, Jeremy has returned. We discuss his early years buying 90's CD's, listening to 99.3 the Fox, X, and other alternative formated radio. We talked about his time working university radio before heading to the Zone in Victoria then to CFOX in Vancouver, and later the Peak and most recently a stint at Acadia Broadcasting's the Surge before heading back out west.

The conversation revolved around the radio industry with tons of name dropping and nerding out on east and west coast radio.

You can also watch the episode here if you swing that way.


We did not. know that the Vancouver Millionaires jersey was jinxed in any way. However, I might suggest that everything the Canucks has done to date has helped to jinx the franchise. Including their god-awful selection in jerseys over the years.

By the way, we titled the episode the Wanderer because he has been seen wearing a Halifax Wanderers hat and we think that's pretty cool.

A transcription of this episode can be found over on the network page. I don't think it's a good idea to post the transcriptions here because Google is cataloguing these as 20+minute reads which is bad for search.

Someone please change my mind.



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