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Matt Sutton's From a Land Down Under

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Matt Sutton comes from Australia. There was a time when having people with funny accents was novelty. Then it became common place. With the advent of Youtube, Facebook and people consuming their media globally, it's not a thing anymore. In 2012, I had the delight of bringing Matt to Canada as we launched Fresh-FM in Winnipeg. The best part was bringing him over from Brisbane's B105 and introducing him to Canada... in February. There were subsequent promotions like "Make Matt a Winnipegger" and his "Lyrical Conversations" which still get talked about today.

One thing that did come up a few times in this podcast, in the role that community played in his development, and the development of Australia's most successful morning duo, Hamish and Andy. It's something that is not as prominent in North American radio because of the sheer volume of stations. Matt is now the afternoon drive host at Z95.3 in Vancouver and he loves it more than he thought he would. But he's still loyal to the Winnipeg Jets and Blue Bombers.


Matt even put together a fun promotion called the Fresh-FM Pool Party. He invited over listeners to a pool party. When I asked where the party was going to be held - he said - my place. Super.

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