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JJ Kincaid: Made For Radio

JJ Kincaid does mornings at New Country 101.5 in Atlanta. He's been in radio since the 90's, making his mark at CHR stations across America, including KDWB in Minneapolis and Z100 in New York. I've been fortunate to meet JJ and get to know him over cocktails, but I also made sure his show was a stop back when I would wake up and listen to morning radio. (The pandemic has meant I do a little less now)

In this episode, you will hear all about JJ growing up in his house where radio was more than in the home. He's wanted to be on the air since he was 5. You will hear some incredible stories about getting a call from Kid Kelly, getting hired at Z100, putting together a morning show in Denver, and what he did after his time in Denver came to an end.


We spoke briefly about Hurricane Sandy and how it was all hands on deck at Z100 when it happened. I recall an article from just afterwards where someone concluded that everyone should own a radio for occasions like this. No Facebook, Texting, Power.... just radio. Has there been a disaster that affected more people in that manner? No. But just to be safe - make sure you have a battery powered radio.


JJ has been interviewing artists for years. It comes with the territory when you have worked with big radio stations. Here's an interview JJ did with Sabrina Carpenter at the late 95.7 The Party in Denver. Did you know Sabrina's dad loved Rush? (That's the Rush fan in me!)


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