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John Mamola: Programming for Championships

John Mamola is the program director of WDAE, the sports station in Tampa Bay. We had him on the show back in December of 2019 and his life sounded busy. With the arrival of COVID, the sports world got turned upside down. For many stations, the arrival of COVID meant a decrease in workload - but not in Tampa Bay. The city really started to stir with arrival of Tom Brady in March of 2002. From that point on, the dynamic of the sports market began to change. Since then the baseball Rays have gone to the World Series, the NFL Buccaneers won the Super Bowl and the NHL Lightning have won two Stanley Cups in a 9 month period. Crazy.

So how does the program director of a radio station with 7 sports properties cope?

That's what we found out in this episode. I spoke to John about everything that has gone on since we last spoke in December 2019. A once passive sports market with a lot activity has gone into hyperdrive.


Did Someone on the Lightning Order Jeannie's Cake?

Sometimes I can't do an episode without some sort of strange Winnipeg thing happening. There is a hot rumour circulating that someone in the Tampa Bay Lightning organization ordered a few Jeannies Cakes to be shipped to the Tampa-St. Petersburg area after the cup win. We scanned the roster and have not located a suspect as of yet.

Jeannie's is a bakery in Winnipeg with a very unique cake that divides the locals. You either love it or you hate it. A lot of Jeannie's Cake notoriety comes from those who have left the city and yearn for the unique taste from the cake.

My sources from the airport are semi-reliable on this, but we are interested to know who would choose to celebrate a Stanley Cup win with Jeannie's cake?


Here's the video of the recording. I never find these to be very exciting. Like who would watch two guys talking sports? Apparently lots.


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