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Jason Barrett is Back to Talk Sports

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

It's been a monumentally busy few months in Sports Media. In no particular order, ESPN Layoffs, firings over politically motivated or polarizing tweets, discipline for similar social media outbursts, arrests for a prostitution sting, a late night drinking binge that ended in the wrong house, and a Ponzi scheme at America's top radio sports station. In business, timing seems to be everything. Jason's sports media business is expanding with the increased landscape of sports media, and his blog has been working overtime on all the news stories. Jason works with sports media companies to make their product stronger. Often that's programming strategies, and working with talent in an ever changing and increasingly competitive sports media world.

In this episode, we discuss the aforementioned subjects, along with how Sundays will feel different for TV viewers with the addition of Tony Romo and the departure of Chris Berman. We also tried to make sense of the DAZN Debacle, which saw NFL Sunday Ticket shift to a digital only platform in Canada.


It can be a confusing world. Audiences aren't what they used to be. More choice, more fragmentation, and pretty much more of everything than ever before. Traditional ways of thinking are being challenged. New Platforms and technologies are emerging and merging, and buckets of data are being produced.

Go Beyond the Data. Get the data you can actually use.

NLogic offers strategic insights, customizable modern products, modern perspectives, and their personal commitment to help you make sense of your Canadian Radio and Television audiences. Talk to NLogic Today and be better positioned for tomorrow.


Finally, both Jason's company and mine have jobs postings. Checkout Jason's job postings here.


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