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Julie Adam: Imperfectly Kind

Imperfectly Kind is the name of Julie Adam's first book. The President of Rogers Sports & Media had a unique pandemic experience that she shared with us and led her to write this book.

In this episode, Julie and I catch up after nearly 4 years between recording podcast episodes. We spoke about baseball in the last episode and it came up again this time in a couple of places. While I normally would love to ask a zillion questions about the future of radio, I wanted to stay close to the theme of her book because the broadcast business could use a little more kindness. We also spoke about identifying who your competition is and the benefits of embracing them.

You can order Julie's book here in Canada.

And in the United States.

Order it in bulk because all your employees or classmates should read it.


In this episode, I made mention of my Sunday morning Yoga routine with Darlene Sveinson. She's a Phys. Ed Teacher, Wellness Instructor and hockey coach. I take the class in person Sunday mornings but the online version runs Sundays at 12:15pm Eastern, 9:15am Pacific. The cost is $16.80 Canadian and you can register with this link right here.


I also might have blabbed on about the great stuff conjured up by Steve Pratt and Dan Misner at Rogers owned Pacific Content. If you are a serious podcaster, give the blog a follow. It is full of resources that will help you build your audience.


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