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Lori Lewis: Remedial Social Media

Lori Lewis is back on our show for the third time? Why so often? Because the world of social media moves that quickly. The last time we had Lori on the show, Instagram Stories was just starting to become a thing and Tik Tok wasn't even a thing. In fact - you might have still been involved with your SnapChat account and over-posting by today's standards on Facebook. Lori is now out on her own working with radio groups and teaching them all about the ways to engage their listeners on social media, and get the sales team selling their digital assets. Lori Lewis Media launched recently, but that doesn't mean she will stop doing some of the other things you might know her for, including being the Chair of the Conclave Summer Radio Learning Conference (which you should go to), and her column in, Merge.

In this episode, Lori and I talked about how many in radio are Introverted Extroverts, and cited an article from 2018; I believe this is it.

We also talked about the importance of keeping your passport up-to-date and about how this Internet minute Graphic became so popular. Please use social media to SHARE this episode far and wide. Lori would be proud.


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