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Mike Goral: Excessive Talking

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Mike Goral is someone I have only met once, haven't seen in 7 years but we have a long track record of working together. Long before the pandemic taught us to work apart, Mike and I, along with Jamie Watson and Evan Surminski would all collaborate to make audio magic in radio. Since then, all four of us have continued on creative paths that involve voiceover. Albeit, Evan produces still, and Matt started a podcast company. Mike's career in entertainment began at as a part-time assistant at Energy 108 under the guidance of Scot Turner. After several years as a full-time commercial producer and getting to work with amazing voiceover talent like the late Bumper Morgan and Dude Walker, Mike became a voice actor himself.

In this episode, you'll hear us share some voice and imaging tips for radio and beyond. I asked Mike what he's been up to and why he moved to Arizona. Ironically, it's one the places I enjoy traveling too, and I shared a few of my favourite food stops on the episode page.

If you would like to have Mike Image your radio station.... you can reach him through his website.


Mike also has a very cool story up on medium about being a voice actor.

Okay, now a few restaurants that I really love in the area of Scottsdale and Phoenix. These are offered up in no particular order other than I loved it.

  1. Chino Bandido: Yes it is possible to have Mexican-Chinese fusion.

  2. Bootleggers Modern American Smokehouse: The Bacon tastes homemade.

  3. Barrio Cafe: The best authentic Mexican Food ever.

  4. The Spotted Donkey: Tasty Mexican Food

  5. Slanted Rice: Wonderful Vietnamese Food


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