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Tara Sands: A Voice For Everything

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Tara Sands was an imaging voice for a radio station I was programming in my radio days. It always exciting to hire new voice talent to put a fresh sound to your station. Her work extends well beyond FM, into some of the things you might hear like cartoons and commercials, but also in Anime, Audiobooks and now Podcast. If there's audio to be recorded, she is likely recording it.

In this episode, you will hear about Tara's teenage years in New Jersey where she took in a few Bruce Springsteen concerts and would take trips to New York to perform in theatre. We also spoke about the joyful consequences of popularity when you are a voice of Bulbasaur in the popular cartoon Pokemon. There's a whole world of celebrity conventions and your social media changes forever. We also talked at length about the pandemic and its affects on the work that she does. Tara has not visited a studio since March 2020 and made significant upgrades to her studio in order to make it "hard wired" for internet connectivity and upgraded for speed. Voiceover talent will especially love this deep dive into her work life and career.

There''s an awful lot of things that I wanted to ask after the interview was over - but that's what the episode page is for. If your radio station would like to have Tara as an imaging voice, please reach out to her via her webpage.


Tara also does some Streamily signings from time to time. I had to figure out what these were but it's live autographs signings. You can check out Tara's page and if there are no events posted, just sign up for for an email alert.

You can check out the last one she did which was streamed on her Instagram page.

There's more awesome stuff here!


Tara mentioned that she keeps straws in her studio to practice Straw Phonation. Here is a demonstration of the technique and how it can help with singing and voicework.


We also talked about love for Trader Joe's. It's a little hard for me to shop there as my closest Trader Joe's is 7 hours away. However, it is still possible for me to get some of the frozen products and make it back to Canada. I made mention of the Inside Trader Joe's Podcast which is coincidentally hosted by two other people named.... wait for it.... Matt & Tara. A brand new season is underway.

Here are our Trader Joe picks!

Tara is all in on the Penne Arrabbiata. There have been some other pasta offerings recently including Cacio e Pepe but this is the standalone for pasta excellence.

Matt loves most of the salsas but finds this Tomatillo Yellow Chili Salsa to be exceptional.


Something else I forgot to ask was about Tara's role in the Star Wars Audio Drama "The Tempest". This is Star Wars adding stories into other types of media. Tara plays the role of Sestin.


Finally, I mentioned in the episode that podcasting has an equivalent to the Internet Movie Database called Podchaser. it's a great way to catalogue your podcast appearances. If you have a podcast, sign up for an account and credit your contributors.




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