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  • Matt Cundill

Pete Marier: Being Bad Pete

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

How did Pete Marier become Bad Pete? He tells us. I spent my teenage years listening to Pete Marier on my clock radio when he was at 980 CKGM and 95.9 CJFM. The next decade Pete was a co-worker and we've been friends since. We are not strangers to Winnipeg and Montreal radio, nor the task of raising three boys, So we always have lots of talk about. A lot of people don’t immediately associate Pete with being Bob-FM's first morning host when the format was launched back in 2002 in Winnipeg. He tells the story of how it he found himself in the middle of that and a whole lot of other radio fuckery that goes on.

In this episode, Pete and I settle in for a long talk about life, family life and radio life. This is a very candid and conversation about one of Montreal's most enduring radio figures. By the way, if you are listening to the episode expecting him to say something bad about someone - it doesn't happen.


Pete spoke of a messy ending to his time with Astral. That was covered in detail by Fagstein.

There's also about 10 other things we didn't know including that Pete was doing a rock show for Bell's Quebec City Radio station in French and that was did a stint on TV in 2012 for CTV Montreal.


You may already be hearing Pete on your radio now. Pete does a fair amount of voiceover work and radio imaging. Check out some of his work here.


We also talked about where Bad Pete got his nickname and he referenced the club at 1234 de la Montagne which went by the name Club l'Esprit and was as horrible as this TV ad indicates.




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