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Seth Resler: Solutions For The Dislocated

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

We invited Seth Resler back to the podcast after he penned a blog called, "Is There Life After Radio?"

Many of the episodes in this series feature a moment when someone was fired and tell the story of their radio afterlife. The podcast itself was born out of my firing in 2014, the subsequent quest for work in 2015, before landing on podcast in early 2016 and never looking back. Today I have a voiceover business and a podcast company that helps people, businesses and brands build through podcast. The path to it resembles a lot about what Seth wrote about in his blog, including many attempts to swing for the fences, having a resume chalk full of call letters, undervaluing myself and playing "on tilt" as Seth describes it.

In this episode, Seth and I share a few of the things we learned about being in between jobs as radio program directors. For the last few weeks, Seth has been putting together a directory that displaced radio people can use to reconnect to the industry. You can enter your listing here for free.


On a personal note, my career pathway featured a lot of mistakes and a number of successes. After six months of trying to find work that wasn't half the salary or in at a company that was making the same mistakes as my previous employer, I decided it would be best to start buying audio equipment and start a business; at the very least to keep my voiceover cheques rolling in. This involved buying a microphone and mixer and building a studio. Thanks to a few calls with Jamie Watson and a lunch with Alix Michaels, I got a little inspiration to create Matt Cundill Voiceovers. I wrote about making that jump in this blog from 2016.


Other notable episodes featuring talent that have made the transition from radio to something new. (In no particular order other than that's what came to mind)

Tom Leykis : Podcaster, Business Owner of Blow Me Up Tom

Lianne Laing: Podcaster, You-tuber and premiere Interviewer at Lianne

Jason Barrett - Premier Sports Radio Consultant, Owner Barrett Sports Media.

Dean Blundell - Blogger, podcaster and all around content creator at Dean

Jenna Mosher: Podcast Host along with Jesse Reynolds at Jesse and Jenna's Messy Podcast.

Honourable mention to Corey Dylan who spoke to us about staying positive during her two year time away from radio, and found her way back on air at New Country 101.5 in Atlanta.


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