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Shani Scott: The Queen of Some Media

Shani Scott is the owner of Media Room 360, a streaming and media distribution company out of Texas. Her company has been built largely through what she learned in radio. Inspired by listening to the legendary Tom Joyner on K104 in Dallas, Shani knew she was in it for the long haul. Believe it or not there are likely portions of our audience who don't know that Tom Joyner did mornings on K104 in Dallas and afternoons at WGCI in Chicago. Live. With flights both ways on Southwest Monday to Friday between the cities. It was that work ethic that was infused into Shani that led her to think community, while also having the knack to find the money. In this episode you will hear how she learned that working with both programming and sales can teach you valuable lessons in the years after radio. You'll also hear about her resilience in battling back from a stroke and breast cancer.

The company is really good at integrating with Twitch, Roku, Youtube, Facebook. If you would like to expand your streaming - get it touch with Shani, the Queen of Some Media.

Shani is also really good at voiceover.

But here is the gold: Shani in her Ted Talk which will have you re-think your approach to life.


And finally, if this was what Shani was growing up to in the 80's. Tom Joyner, the Fly Jock. You think your work day is hard..... this is the hardest working man in radio.


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