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September: The Fall of Radio

September is an exciting month that comes complete with the hopes and promise of a new year. I took some time to hang with family recently and take what is normally a slow time of the podcast year to unwind a bit. I took some radio notes and read a few things and am sharing what came bubbling up. Think of it as some sort of lame meditation.

In this episode, you'll hear why the word retirement pops up when long time staff depart a station, are talent being properly compensated for their social media activity, National Radio Day is stupid and needs initiative, and our podcast was reviewed by Phil Edmonds and we thought it was awesome to be recommended.

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New Podcast Alert!

Guests who have appeared so far on the show include Sound Off Alumni Mistress Carrie and Paige Nienaber.


Here's a fun follow on Instagram for those who find radio to be arcane at times. There's a grain of truth in every post.


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