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More Talk, Less Rock

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

This week I have fled to Quebec on business and family visiting. I did manage to get something that has been on my mind for the last couple of weeks. Why is it that the CRTC regulates the amount of Canadian music we play, but not the talk? And I am not talking about the enrichment and foreground type talk that radio did away with in 1991. I'm talking about the power of the spoken word as a form of art. A break. A bit.

Think about it. Canadian radio regulations need to be reviewed and instead of focusing on Cancon for music - maybe the CRTC should be focusing on regulating who is doing the talking and from where.

We also made mention of Kevin Getz's from 102.1 the Edge. He just releases an album where he monetizes his audio content. You can buy it on Apple Music, Amazon and Google Play.Kevin recently appeared on the Broadcast Dialogue podcast and you can hear the full episode and interview with Connie Thiessan right here.


As for those comedians I made mention of, Joey Elias and David Acer were likely strategizing about how to manage their businesses and brands in a pandemic. In other times, I would have joined them for a coffee, but it had to be a wave and a hello from a distance. Both gentleman have made careers with comedy and performance. Joey hosted a late night show on CJAD for ten years.


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