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Vinny Barrucco: Un Vrai Montrealais

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Sometime back in 2008, Vinny Barrucco made the call to (then) Mix 96 to see if his skills acquired at community juggernaut K103 Kahnawake would translate into the Montreal mainstream. We know today that that answer is yes. The Montreal morning host has done most of the day parts on Montreal radio at the two of the biggest English FM's in the city, Virgin Radio and 92.5 The Beat. Today, he is a host on the former along with Shannon King and Adam Greenberg.

In this episode, you will hear how Vinny nearly left Montreal on a few occasions, only to have circumstance keep home in his hometown. We also took the time to share our passion and love for Montreal and everything it has offer. Apologies if it gets a little inside with words such as "Dep", "Habs", "Bill 101", "Anglo", "Franco" and an in-depth discussion about how the Quebec star-system towers over Canada's. No apologies offered for the three or four times we randomly started talking about the Montreal Canadiens. (Bruins and Leafs fans might want to skip over this episode and listen in July)

I had the chance to meet Vinny in 2019 where we chatted about the world of podcast and I really love how he started one with his wife Tina called, "Marriage in the Fast Lane", documenting their transition from single, to newlyweds, to parents.


Vinny made reference to his podcast he shares with his wife, Tina. He talked about recording that first episode and holding it until he felt confident enough to release it into the world. Here is that first episode and by all means, subscribe to the show.


We mentioned that show producer Adam Greenberg does some pretty awesome social media contact. Here is an example featuring Montreal's gift to the world: The Orange Highway Cone. Montreal is notorious for its annual construction festival which invades every neighbourhood. There have been times when I tried to use Google maps to get somewhere and the app crashed because of all the road closures.


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