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Genevieve Borne: Vive La Difference

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Genevieve Borne is really talented. I met her in 1992 after a concert and was enamoured with her immediately. She is a bridge to the province I love, and a broadcaster I respect and emulate where applicable. In short, I love this woman's tenacity and ability to say, "I'm going for it." In this episode you'll hear why Quebec is special, has the star system Canada has failed to replicate, and how her skills as a photographer, host, storyteller, radio host, model, personality and TV star has made her one of Quebec's most famous stars. She also opened up about her battle with Cancer a decade ago and reflects on how she handled it.

I mentioned during the show that she is a very good Instagram Follow. And link to her Facebook page.

Genevieve has a national radio show called A Travers Les Branches which connects the family tree of musicians every week. A radio concept that was always difficult to replicate in English commercial radio where its more about the playing the music than providing enlightening content.

Also, Genevieve and I talked about her love for London which she expressed in a wonderful publication you can find out more about called "300 Reasons To Love London".


On April 5, 1994 Mike Gauthier and Genevieve Borne go to air with the Breaking News of Kurt Cobain's death.



Genevieve provided us some excellent restaurant recommendations if you are in the Montreal area. Here are three I will trying out on my next trip through Montreal.

LOV: A number of locations throughout Montreal.

DAMAS: Wonderful Syrian Cuisine

Mikado: This was the place where Genevieve took me for sushi way back when. Still a high recommend after all these years.

Recommend for anyone in Toronto from Matt: I took a look at the menu at LOV and it reminded me of great Toronto (Vegan) restaurant I enjoyed thoroughly called Planta.


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