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Facebook and Twitter: What's the Difference Anyway?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

It took a little time for people to figure out that cross-posting to both Facebook and Twitter platforms is rarely effective business. Inevitably one of your audience's is going to think you either don't care of don't know what you're doing.

A few years back I had a defiant DJ who thought I was doubling their workload by preventing cross-posting at a company I worked at. I called one of the head social media guru's in front of the deviant employee and asked, "What am I to make of the an employee who perpetually insists that cross-posting to Facebook and Twitter is worthwhile?"

"You should fire that person."

Message delivered.

Here are a few ideas that suggests:

Matt Cundill Facebook

  • Facebook networks People while Twitter networks ideas and topics.

  • Facebook allows you to write a book (not that anyone is going to read it). Twitter limits to 140 characters per tweet.

  • Facebook and Twitter allow the use of hashtags to group ideas / topics. Facebook incorporated this ideas patterned after Twitter.

  • You can search inside of either network for topics, people, businesses and organizations.

  • Facebook allowing more options is considered more difficult to use than Twitter.

  • Both networks are capable of allowing some customization to include your branding.

  • Facebook allows likes and friends while Twitter’s call to action is to follow.

  • Inside of Facebook you will Like or Share something. Yet inside of Twitter you will ReTweet or Favorite Something.

  • You can find your old elementary friends or high school love interest on Facebook. On Twitter you can find the latest topic trending – like the Oscars, News, Celebrity Stories and more.



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