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Radio Ratings Results Still Keep Me Up at Night

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Last Tuesday night I couldn't get to sleep. Not by 1am or 2am or 3am. By 4am I had to ask what's wrong? After a period of reconnecting with meditation, it was the impending ratings book that was coming out on Thursday.

So even as a radio consultant, I find myself worrying about a client's success more than a doctor would consider healthy. Specifically, the worry was about a station I had helped launch over a year ago. We had changed the format from Hot AC to Classic Hits. Since the launch in February 2015, I have spent my days creating over hundreds of pages and sounds into helping build a unique radio station. Would it pay off? Initially, yes. Subsequently the result was mixed.

Seeing a result like #1 Females 25-54 means it's a good day. In the moments after there's the proverbial exhale, and the departure of anxiety from mind. The next few days consisted of combing over day parts and connecting the dots between the success and the "areas of concern". (as one of my former program directors once eloquently put it)

The biggest takeaway from both pieces is to remind yourself, that you are not your ratings. Remember that as the process repeats itself for many next week with the release of the PPM Ratings in Canada.

Now that the post ratings reports have been filed, there's time to catch up on another client's social media pages and analytics, and record audio and voice overs in my studio. (If you missed that blog it is here). With the self-inflicted stress in the rear view mirror, creativity floods the mind and I am currently creating two new radio brands that will be launched within the year.

There are 185 days until the Fall book is out. Let's get to work.

(If you would like to discuss your station's performance, please call Matt at 204-414-5541. All calls are confidential, non-judgemental, and honest)


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