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Broadcaster Meets Podcaster with Fred Jacobs

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Fred Jacobs comes armed with great data. His company is called Jacobs Media and they help radio stations find their way through the digital minefield. Their Tech Survey's have produced a number of A-Ha moments for many at conventions, and we finally got a chance to speak with him about our favourite subjects, Podcast and Broadcast.

I started this podcast last year because I believe that the two worlds will intersect. To this day, I hear a lot of great podcasts that would make great radio content for any brand. As an example, the Stuph File by Peter Anthony Holder that currently fits on radio as easily as it does on an iphone. (The show is broadcast on a number of stations now). If you program a sports station, wouldn't having Adam Schechter or Peter King on your programming grid be better than something that currently airs? Like that informercial?

Fred shared some of his data recently in a webinar you can access here. It paints a great picture of how radio listeners interact with podcasts and there are some format breakouts as well. (Spoiler alert: Sports Radio should be keeping a close eye on podcasting). I believe there may be a really nice discount code as an invite to join us at Podcast Movement 17. Jacobs Media went all-in on podcasting a few years ago and I met up with Fred Jacobs and Seth Resler at Podcast Movement 16 in Chicago. This year they have partnered with the Podcast Movement Organizers to create Broadcaster meet Podcaster. You can read more about this exciting opportunity here.


The entire media landscape continues to undergo a paradigm shift driven by technology adoption and alternative platforms of content consumption. things like Facebook, google and perhaps even podcasting have already changed the way you do business. But what’s next? And how is your organization adapting to these changes? What’s your plan for the next 3, 5, 10 years? what will your company look like then, what will your job look like?

NLogic, sponsors of this podcast, believes in the power of radio and its potential to evolve in this changing landscape. technology and data will be two key drivers of this new world, and nlogic has the expertise to bring these two together to help you transform your business to focus on growth. they offer strategic insights, customizable products, market perspectives and their personal commitment to help you make sense of your Canadian radio and television audiences; and ultimately, they’ll help you grow your business.


NEW! The Podcast Movement lineup for Broadcaster Meets Podcaster has been set and features a 5 strong sessions, culminating with the every popular Podcast Makeover: An Aircheck Session with the Pros. This year's podcasts that will airchecked are Engaging Story and The Mist. Both these podcasts score immediate points with me for putting their work forward.

If You would like to come to the Podcast Movement 17 Conference, there's a discount code HERE!


When you support our sponsors, you support the show!

This week, Skye Holland and her new single "We Could Be" are supporting the show. If you work at a CHR or HOT AC station, bring this song to your next music meeting. Download the song here or click on the graphic.

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