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Chantal Desjardins: Who Am I?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Chantal Desjardins is a television and radio personality, stand-up comedian, voiceover actor and emcee. She might be recognized as the regional host of the Montreal Canadiens broadcasts on Sportsnet or maybe from a side-stitching set she delivered on a late-night comedy appearance; there really aren't too many women in sportscasting that you can say that about!

Beyond her work on television and radio, Chantal is climbing the ranks in comedy, performing at comedy clubs, corporate events, and charity fundraisers across North America. Chantal gets a bigger high from stand-up in a club than she does from Hockey Night in Canada (in front of some 3 million people), so she's well on her way to ending up exactly where she's the highest!

What she's up to these days? Globe-trotting and drinking beers with comedians like Aziz Ansari. In this week's episode, we talk about her move from Winnipeg to Montreal, the ways she brings her humour into sportscasting, the importance of taking risks in comedy, and

When it comes to sussing out how she found her passion for comedy, we can credit her marriage and ensuing divorce. The break provided her with enough material to build up her act, helping her to become one of Canada's top up-and-coming women in comedy. She is often recognized locally as a radio personality, filling in on Virgin Radio Montreal; nationally as a former host of the venerable Hockey Night in Canada, and internationally as a comedian. If you haven't seen her perform, check out the video below:

Chantal also operates her own voiceover business -- when she's not on-air or on-stage kicking ass and taking names. Learn more about Chantal's work on her professional website.

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