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How Very Kolter Bouchard

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Kolter Bouchard was on the list to be on this podcast last summer. He had an interesting tale to tell about going from Dawson Creek to Dubai, and his program director Blair Bartrem was excited to get this talent on the air a Q107. Fast forward a few months and Corus renovates their airwaves and Kolter is now co-hosting the afternoon drive show on Edge 102 with Meredith Geddes. The story of how that show came to fruition is as every bit compelling as his journey from Dawson Creek to Dubai with his wife Dominque.

It is also difficult to discuss Dubai without bringing up the late Tim Klassen who worked at Channel 4 in Dubai and became a fixture there. That favourite song of his was Joe Walsh's "The Confessor". (I neglected to mention that in the podcast)


If you really enjoy the conversation, check out Kolter's blog which is full of great life advice, including more information on coping with job loss and life between gigs, to toxic relationships.

And speaking about life between gigs, here's the video that got Kolter fired in Dubai:



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