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Aaron Rand: Calling Gaddafi and Other Radio Tales

Aaron Rand has been on Montreal since the 70’s. I didn’t catch on to his show until the mid 80’s where he became a household name, despite working at some radio stations that weren’t known for their ratings. Right around the time AM started its decline, Aaron Rand’s show started to take off. I ran into Aaron at (what I think is North America’s best restaurant) Joe Beef while having dinner with another Montreal radio icon, Terry Dimonte.

The next thing said at the table was pretty obvious – although i think it might have been a look… ya gotta get him on your show.

His radio career includes all the great Montreal radio Call letters like CFCF CKGM, CBC, CHOM, CFQR and now CJAD where he once worked and now resides doing the afternoon show.

It is always a joy to speak to someone who you grew up listening to.


This was Aaron Rand's Departure from Q92. He would resurface at CJAD.



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