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The Sixth Very Terry Christmas

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Every year, Terry Dimonte and I get together for some Christmas cheer. This year we wound up talking a little more about podcasting as he and Ted Bird have recently launched their new show. Terry has recently moved to British Columbia with his wife Jessica and Terry recounts his first few weeks in the area battling torrential rains. As tradition has it, if there is a weather event, Terry will find it.

We also made mention of voiceover professional and awesome cousin of mine, Geoff Allan who is the voice of their show.

You have definitely heard Geoff as the voice of the Burger King ads.

I hope you enjoy our annual conversation and from everyone here that works on the show, Taylor, Courtney, and Evan - Merry Christmas!

Terry usually interviews the Prime Minister of Canada and it's really good. The interview has happened and details are coming soon on where that interview will air. We will embed it if we can.

And a Merry Christmas from the people who make this show possible every week including:

And if you haven't done it yet - check out Standing By - The Terry & Ted Podcast.



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