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Catherine O'Brien: Podcast Superfriend

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Catherine O'Brien is the owner of Branch Out Programs in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The California transplant turned in her career as a tax preparer for one in podcast. We met back in 2016 in Chicago and have made it point now to meet on a regular basis to help one another with branded podcasts. Sadly, this being another year of COVID, I won't get to see Catherine again - but instead decided to get together on this podcast to see how Podcast

Movement was in person, and find out just a little more about her business.

In this episode, you will hear what thought about Podcast Movement Appearances from Tom Webster, Mark Cuban and Allison Melody. Plus, she tells us how a branded podcast is done properly and shares some of the success stories from her company including Smidgeon, which you will adore if you love southern cooking.


So who are the Podcast Superfriends?

As Catherine mentioned, the team includes:

We have had Jon on our podcast previously. You can hear his story here.


Here, you can find an article from InRegister outlining the different podcasts Catherine has had a hand in producing. She made a big mark on the Baton Rouge area with her company, and raves about the support the community has given the company.


Check out this podcast episode from The Podcast Life featuring Catherine as a guest. It's a great listen. She is a wealth of knowledge on what you'll need to get started, how to get listeners engaged, content, and so much more.


Also be sure to follow Catherine on Instagram and Twitter for more updates on what she's up to, tidbits of info on the latest trends in podcasting, stories, and a whole lot more.


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