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Craig Bruce: It's Different Down Under

Craig Bruce’s radio days started in 1986 hosting shows in Australia. He now consults for radio stations and launched a podcast called Game Changers Radio in 2016, featuring interviews with radio personalities from around the world. While the show podfaded in 2020, it is the new series called Melbourne Radio Wars, which documents Kyle and Jackie O’s entry into the Melbourne radio market.

In this episode, you will hear about the differences between Australian and North American radio. The key to Kyle and Jackie O's success is their chemistry from 20 years working together, Kyle's humor, Jackie's ideas, and excellent resourcing/marketing by the station, and how Craig works with younger producers to bring fresh ideas.


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It’s the question that every radio pundit wants to know the answer to - can the world’s best radio show be number 1 in Australia’s biggest radio market? The Melbourne Radio Wars hosted by Craig Bruce and Irene Hulme is a podcast dedicated to the most exciting battle in radio history. Kyle and Jackie have conquered the Sydney airwaves for close to 20 years, now they’re taking on their biggest challenge yet.



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