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Dalby Does Radio

Back in 2015 when I was mulling doing a podcast, I came across Drew Dalby's Off Mic podcast which featured other radio personalities talking about their careers. The show was in the process of starting it's permanent hiatus once I decided to get the ball rolling on this. Drew Dalby is an excellent interviewer, drive host, football prognosticator and dad. He's also a good Twitter follow.

Drew spoke to me about growing up in Canada's North and talking about life in Hay River, and early days in Inuvik. Then his progression from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology to Edmonton's 100.3 The Bear, Smithers, BC, Lloydminster and eventually Regina.

Also in this episode, Drew touched on having worked with Devon Zelmer who passed away almost 5 years ago. Devon would do his daily Biased Sports Report. His videos are still posted on YouTube.

Below is the last one he recorded.


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