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Darryl Spring: Darryl Talks To Bands

Darryl Spring is passionate about rock radio. Although it started out with an attraction for what was coming out of the club shows of then CFNY-FM 102, Darryl knew radio was his future. From Loyalist College, to Q92 in Timmins, to Corus Radio in Toronto and Hamilton. His next two stops included Kingston and Ottawa, where there was great success, and some unfortunately timed circumstances.

In this episode you will hear about all the fun that went on at these stations. And just like our episode with Bob Willette, Darryl was also told that the golden era of Edge 102 was before he arrived. You will also hear us reminisce about the late Martin Streek and Bobby Gale; both huge music fans. Darryl is now hosting the hit podcast "Darryl Talks To Bands" which is on all your favourite audio distribution centres.


Darryl mentioned Craig G in our episode so I thought it would be fitting that I share this great conversation between them.



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