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Jillene Khan: Magic, Madison and Minneapolis

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Jillene Khan is the afternoon host on Magic 98 in Madison, Wisconsin. Her story to radio is rooted in Minneapolis. From growing up listening to great personalities like Tony Fly from KDWB and Tom Bernard on KQRS to a time when her family was apart of Dave Ryan's Christmas Wish back in the 90's. Jillene is an ideal guest to bring on at a time when many people in her hometown are struggling with death of George Floyd at the hands 4 Minneapolis police officers.

In the episode, you'll hear about Jillene's rise through the radio ranks as she goes Country in the Quad Cities and Milwaukee, and then the decision to move to Madison, WI. She also spoke about coming out to her listeners how accepting her friends were. And by friends, we mean radio listeners. Jillene points out that it's about friends and not fans.

Jillene is also a good follow on FacebookInstagram and Twitter too.


We spoke in the podcast about how Jillene has shared some very real moments with her friends. Here she is talking about getting a COVID-19 test.



Jillene is back in Minneapolis and happy to be home. She is the overnight host at Minnesota Public Radio. This post by Jillene on her Facebook page made me reminisce about doing an all-night radio show. The odd sleep hours, the new relationship with coffee, and the discovery of black out blinds for your windows at home.

If you do find yourself up late and in need of some music - this is a good place to do some overnight listening.


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