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Johnny Peterson is Johnny Podcasts

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

I have launched a new podcast! With a little help from my Podcast Super Friends. In the past you have heard stories from for radio program director Jon Gay aka Jag in Detroit, and Catherine O'Brien from Branch Out Programs. Meet Johnny Peterson who is the same age as my twin boys.

Johnny went to Texas Christian University and studied marketing. When it came to audio... he learned the rest on his own. It's amazing what you can pick up from You Tube and by getting together with other podcast Super Friends. He has been working with companies to build outstanding branded podcasts like The Fort with Chris Powers. and Owner Occupied with Peter Lohmann. Both of those podcasts are in the real estate sector.

You can connect with Johnny on his website.

Also if you would love to listen to the 5 of us nerd out on podcasting every month, just follow anyone of our social accounts and hit subscribe or Follow and you'll get notifications when we go live. Here is the live recording of the podcast episode.

Follow us!

Johnny Podcasts YouTube.

Sound Off Media Company on YouTube.

And for the love of podcasting, please connect with us on the Podcast Super Friends Podcast... or you can just watch the show on our socials.




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