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Lochlin Cross: Loc'r Room Talk

Lochlin Cross is the morning show host at Cruz 95.7 in Edmonton along with Grant Johnston and James White. He spent time in Winnipeg and Edmonton programming two heavy hitter rock stations in Power 97 and K-Rock 97.3. Which got switched back to K97 at some point but we were too lazy to look it up. He also did on air stints at other rock powerhouses like 100.3 The Bear in Edmonton and the Max in Prince George. And why doesn't he play Rush? And what's the deal with the Harmonica he whips out at concerts and on the LRT? And is it true he doesn't like to appear on podcasts?

Well apparently that last part isn't true. He has appeared on a few podcasts including this one with Dean Blundell.

Also does Rush really hate Winnipeg? No. They just hadn't played the market until 2012 because it's easier to play 50,000 at the Rose Bowl instead of 5 in the Peg.

Here's the Loc'r serenading Edmonton's LRT after a few beers.


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