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Morgan McCarthy: Wisconsin Radio Online Everywhere

Updated: Aug 26, 2021


Morgan McCarthy is the host of the 715 Newsroom, a local Wisconsin online radio news source that provides news in the Chippewa Valley area in a way that is never boring. They also have a podcast called News Makers that is currently on its 22nd episode. You'll hear Morgan's voice on radio shows owned by Midwest Family Broadcasting all over Wisconsin.

Morgan's original break in radio (WDRK 999 The Carp) was with Maverick Media. After she left, there was an ownership transfer to the current company Midwest Family Broadcasting-and this is the regime that brought Morgan out of "mic/mom-retirement" and back into the radio world. Love to the local GM and management team, respect to the company.

In this episode, Morgan explains her not-at-all planned saunter into working in radio through her serendipitous acceptance to Emerson College for communication, how radio became her passion, her love for the Green Bay Packers, and so much more.

In addition to other market work and remote news clients, Morgan is following the advice of peers and just tipping her toes over into voiceover work. For more info on all the endeavours Morgan is currently undertaking, visit her website:


Also be sure to check out the 715 Newsroom website. They cover news, pop culture, local updates, and much more. They also have past segments that are archived, a podcast dedicated to the same things their news show covers, a playlist that shows all the past songs that have played on the radio that day, there's lots of fun things to discover there.


We made mention of the Oxbow Hotel. Where every room comes with a vinyl player.


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