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Big Kris Bawden: 101.1 Big FM Barrie

Updated: Jan 28, 2021


Kris Bawden is a morning radio show host at, 101.1 Big FM. He took radio broadcasting in college and has been in the industry for almost 20 years. He hosted country and rock radio shows. He has worked all over Southern Ontario in places like Hamilton, Kingston, and currently in Barrie where he hosts the Morning 101.1 Big FM show. Melanie Martin is Kris' co-host on the Big Morning radio show.


In this episode, you will learn about how Kris balances comedy, voiceover, podcasting and radio. You will learn Kris' past radio history.Kris worked for the K-ROCK 105.7 radio station. Kris talks about interesting news stories he reported on. Kris discusses how the COVID pandemic changed how he budgets his time and preps for the shows.


Kris shares his set-up. Take a look below.

Screen 1: Main taskbar - Used for internet browsing and bringing up audio and video clips during live streaming. Uses Zoom to share clips.

Screen 2: Used for Zoom sessions.

Screen 3: Used so remote guests on Zoo, can interact with guests on sofa.

Main Camera - iPhone 10

Secondary/Sofa Camera - iPad 3.0

Zoom Monitor - 2x Creative Live!

Two 1080 webcams on desk and on top of Screen 3

Gear List:

Rode NT1A mic

Behringer Rack Tube Preamp and Compressor

Yamaha MG-XU mixer with USB interface

Sennheiser Stage mic /Guest mic

2010 Mac Pro workstation upgraded with modern graphics card (AMD Rx580 3HDMI 1dvi output) and modern day solid state storage.


You can visit the 101.1 Big FM Radio Station on Facebook and YouTube.

Connect with Kris through his Twitter.


Here is a funny clip from one of Kris' and Melanie's radio shows from the 101.1 Big FM Facebook Page.


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