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Rob Creighton: On Air and Online in Sedalia

Updated: 6 days ago

This week, we've got another long-time radio industry veteran, Rob Creighton. You might not know his name up here in Canada, but down in the States, he's been running shows from Lubbock, Texas to Chicago, Illinois for the last few decades.

Nowadays, Rob has moved away from the stations and back to his home state of Missouri to work with Townsquare Media. They're a name you might recognize if you've followed the show for a while- we've had a few guests who worked with them, like Melz on the Mic, and that's partially because I just really like how Townsquare does things. Companies that make radio ads are dime-a-dozen, but Townsquare tailors to the digital side too. If you've listened to the show at all before today, you'll know exactly how important that is to me and why, and if you're curious about how they do it, you can check out some of their service offerings here.

Rob and I dive into his history on the radio and in the program director's chair, as well as what prompted his move off the airwaves and into Townsquare's office in Sedalia, Missouri. As I said earlier, Missouri is his home state, and Rob couldn't be happier to be back, especially working for a company that lets him find a balance he's always craved.

If you want to work with Townsquare, you can check out their main website here. You can also conenct with Rob directly on LinkedIn.


The same day we released this episode, Fred Jacobs from Jacobs Media wrote a piece on his daily blog It takes a lot about Townsquare Media's digital initiatives which are significant. Please read.




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