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Steve Goldstein: Founder/CEO of Amplifi Media

Steve Goldstein is the Founder/CEO of Amplifi Media; an audio innovation firm that offers services such as counselling, production, and marketing of podcasts. Amplifi Media is an advisor to many companies such as ABC News, NBC Television, Skyview Networks, and Dave Ramsey Media. Steve is a recognized leader in audio programming, marketing, and management. He has been building up Amplifi Media since 2015. Steve speaks at major conferences including our favourites like Canadian Music Week, RAIN Summits, Podcast Movement. Steve gives regular advice on how to improve monetizing audio content on Blogstein; Amplifi Media's Blog.


In this episode, Steve Goldstein talks about how the podcast industry has excelled over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People have more time on their hands since they are spending more time at home. He notes there are 1.8 million podcasts around the world, only half of which are active. He talks about podcast marketing and how it can be used to have a successful launch Steve further talks about how smart speakers are now being used for podcast and radio consumption. Spoiler alert: Results May Vary.


You can connect with Steve through his Twitter and his company's website.


Here is a tweet from Steve that talks about how the podcast business is

booming but few are making money.


If you would like to learn more about HVAC School, here is a link to their podcast and a YouTube video about 'What it Takes to be an Excellent Residential Service Tech'.

Steve also referenced Bryan Orr who has the highly successful HVAC School of Podcast. Matt also voices the Building HVAC Science podcast hosted by HVAC Measurement and Building Performance Expert Bill Spohn.


Bryan spoke at Podcast Movement in 2019 in a room that was overflowing with attendees. Canadians will appreciate this episode which is handy to keep hockey rinks frozen.



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