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Still Another... Very Terry Christmas

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

This is the 4th instalment of Matt and Terry's Christmas chat. It has all the feel of "Live Free or Die" style podcasting.

Grab a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates and settle in for a long-awaited winter’s podcast. Our annual holiday estravaganza with Terry Dimonte is out.

We throw off the normal conventions followed on our podcast about broadcast and instead today you can hear two friends cavorting about 2019 the year that was.

Covered this year:

Terry's interview with Malcolm Gladwell which you can listen to here.

Montreal: What's its problem? Terry thinks that it might be all the corruption, and the CBC did a wonderful documentary about it a few years ago and you can watch here.

Do you like the train? Terry doesn't. We blame Blair Bartrem for that.

Matt hates those delivery services like Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes. In fact, Matt believes that it is the reason why only 1 Winnipeg restaurant appears on a recent list of Canada's top 100. (Innovation be damned) While those fun more inexpensive places are disappearing.

We also talked about Dario Cecchini, the Butcher of Panzano. His story is amazing: He was lined up to be a veterinarian but wound up being one of the world's most famous butchers. You can get a really good feel for who he is in an episode of Chef's Table that came out earlier this year.

I asked Terry about his upcoming interview with Justin Trudeau which is now in the past. It was also picked up by a number of iHeart Radio Stations and you can enjoy it here.

From there we got into some discussion on politics including the state of 24 Sussex, the prime minister’s private jet, the need for renovation and replacement of these things and how no one can get this done because it would cost too much political capital.

Terry made mention people for being idiots for saying the prime minister should fly commercial.

Terry also spoke about his move to Griffintown which was a big mistake.

There's a fair amount of political talk on the show this year where we spoke about Brian Mulroney's legacy and we were finally joined by my son Andrew who is attending Mount Allison University. Andrew umpires baseball in the summer and might pursue it as a career after university.


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