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Tony Doe: Networking Nigeria

This week, we're making what might be the longest-distance connection we've ever made for an episode. Tony Doe is a Nigerian Radio and Podcast Consultant who spent years on-air in the past, and remains a podcast staple in Nigeria.

I'm willing to bet most of our audience has never really thought about the podcast and radio scene in Nigeria, but as Tony will tell you, it's certainly different from what we have in North America. Stable, cheap internet is much harder to come by, and as a whole, the country is much more fragmented- both by languages and by the fact that each person likely has multiple SIM cards and phone numbers for different parts of the country.

Tony walks us through the way radio stations have come to handle these challenges, and what it's meant for the development of Nigerian broadcasting as a whole. He explains how he got into radio in the first place, how it's changed over the years, and some new developments rolling in that he thinks could change the landscape of broadcasting in a big way. He also shares some traditional broadcaster wisdom about what it means to be a great radio host, and how to make your show feel "complete."

If you'd like to stay caught up with Tony, the best way is through The Tony Doe Podcast. If you're a fan of Arsenal Football Club, you can also check out his other show, UPGNRS. Or you could just do it the old-fashioned way and follow him on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.




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