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The Fifth Very Terry Christmas

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

For the last five years, Matt and Terry Dimonte have gotten together for a podcast chat around Christmas time. Terry loves Christmas and its a chance to talk about radio and a whole lot more. This year we ask Terry about some of his long time friendships he has had over the years. This partially dovetails from our previous episode featuring Vanessa Newman, whose father was one of Terry's best friends. He tells the story of how they became friends. I also ask Terry about his years in the restaurant business and what he learned.

In this episode, you'll hear our conversation about the 2020 from where he sits - which has largely been at the dining room table where he has been conducting the CHOM Morning show during the pandemic. On a personal level, Terry got married in March just days before everything shut down. Much of this episode focuses on gratitude, friends and family.

I did promise that I would be a bunch of links and videos into the show notes of the episode - if you did not find what you came here for, just email me.


Here is the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau in conversation with his pal Terry Dimonte on December 16.

Terry made mention of the year end Medium post from the Prime Minister's official photographer Adam Scotti, showing what kind of year it was for Canada's PM.


Within 2 hours of the show's release, I was thrilled to get this message from Elie Khouri, Terry's former Calgary producer and someone I worked with in 1993 at CHOM/CKGM. The episode I did about DAZN was about the poor quality product Canadians had to endure during the 2017 NFL season. I believe this episode was a turning point in how the rights were distributed, and too their credit, the product is much better and I am a subscriber, as is Terry. You can linked to the full episode from November 2017 below.

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