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How to go from Good Guests, Bad Guests, to Great Guests

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Jessica Rhodes books guests for podcasts. Think of her a matchmaker between podcasters and guests. You've heard the expression, it takes two to tango? She is a firm believer that podcasters have to have sharp interview skills years beyond a list of questions and answers; and guests must provide passion and power in their answers.

Radio, depending on format, has long had its policies on guests, what works and what doesn't work. The rules for podcast are indeed different when it comes to booking guests on podcasts. Formats and subject matters can be so niche that the wrong guest could turn your core away from an episode; a few of them and it's for good.

Rhodes iphone cundill

Jessica's Interview Connections gets the right fit for podcasters and those wanting to do more than the podcast guest circuit. Also, traditional radio talk show producers should consider using her business to ease the pain of finding guests for your talent.

What makes a good guest? What makes a bad guest? And a Remedial Media session on what you can do when you are told to interview someone that has nothing to do with your program.

Finally, a flashback to that time I was a guest with Humble and Fred in April. They have just moved into their new digs in Toronto and have found life beyond terrestrial radio with a daily Sirius/XM show, podcast and repurposing their show for a few terrestrial stations. (Yes - that's the future. The best content digitally will find its way to terrestrial) In the coming weeks, Humble and Fred will come on the podcast to tell us about terrestrial radio's afterlife; both the heaven and hell parts.

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