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Wishing You a Very Terry Christmas

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Terry Dimonte is the morning man at CHOM 97.7 and he LOVES Christmas.

dimonte Trudeau Cundill

Every year he spends the Friday before the morning show breaks for the holiday. Justin Trudeau has always made a point of stopping by to see his good friend and share some music from his iPod. When you become Prime Minister - everything changes.

But not Justin's appearance on the Christmas show. He stills makes a point of seeing his good friend annually. In this episode, Terry tells the story of how their friendship started and how the show became a thing on the CHOM radio calendar.


A Letter from my sister about this Episode:

Matt and Terry: After two weeks of 10-16 kids every day at day camp plus Christmas and the holidays, I jumped in the car all alone and drove to San José (Costa Rica) to see my old friend Cat and her parents for a night. It's a 5 hour drive.

After an hour or two of relative peace and quiet, I finnnnalllly downloaded SoundCloud and I listened to A very Terry Christmas. Puttering along the "Pan Pacific Highway" in second gear, you guys make good company!! I have a new appreciation for the age we live in- that I can hear my bro interview my pal (ha) on a free global communications platform as I wind past cane fields stuck behind a truck carrying ox 3,500 miles away from both of you. Voices are so evocative, and your stories so succinct, I started imaging I was driving through the (Eastern) Townships. Congrats to both you guys on great interviews."



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