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Ira Haberman's On Digital, Radio and The Sound Podcast

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

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Ira Haberman has a wonderful passion for storytelling. It was something that was probably instilled during his time working for company's like Corus Entertainment's Deep Sky where he served as Creative Director. In 2008, when everything digital became monstrous, he shifted to telling those stories digitally.

The story unfolded as it did for many traditional media companies who tried to expand digitally while grow traditionally. In the end, decisions are made by those who didn't want Facebook pages or Twitter accounts to encroach on their day to day business. Couple this with the advent of the Personal Peter Meter to gauge radio listening, a recession, and you have a toxic mix of decreasing revenue.

sound podcast cundill

Throughout our time working together, Ira and the group around him helped forge the social media practices that I would carry into my company. I believe it is important enough to have as a paid position at the Sound Off Media Company. There are radio clusters who have no dedicated social media position, or they let "someone on air" take care of it. That works for your bottom line but more than likely affects the station brand.

Ira's passion for podcast led him to try new things, landing solidly on his love for the music of the Grateful Dead and the creation of The Sound Podcast last December. It has radio roots; carrying many of the things radio used to do well when bringing music to the forefront.

If you have an idea or passion that you would like to bring to fruition, you can reach Ira here or through his podcast website - or any of the social media platforms on the planet.


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