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Jean-Marie Heimrath Launches the Podcast Exchange (TPX)

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Jean-Marie Heimrath has always been fascinated by the business of the entertainment industry. Whether it be during his time working in the record industry for Island Records, while working on radio syndication for the Sound Source Radio Network, or while being at the forefront of streaming with Iceberg Radio, Jean-Marie's knowledge of monetizing content is incredible. He will have you re-thinking exactly what business you are in.

Earlier this year, alongside Jeff Ulster and Bob Kane, he formed The Podcast Exchange (TPX), a new company that uses market research, advanced metrics, and geo-targeting to give advertisers better access to the Canadian podcast audience. Jean-Marie is the President and CEO of TPX, which is backed by Slaight Communications, one of Canada’s preeminent investment and entertainment holding companies. TPX signals the ways the industry has shifted from content creation, to working with advertisers and marketing strategists to mobilize the full potential of the Canadian podcast audience. We can't wait to see the exciting future in store for TPX.

Co-founder Jeff Ulster is co-publisher of The Canadian Podcast Listener report, was Director of Digital Talk Content for CBC and has worked with US partners including Apple, NPR, Midroll and PRX. Bob Kane joins TPX after six years at CBC, helping them generate new revenue and grow to become a global podcast industry leader in both sales and content. The result is an enterprise positioned to be a thought-leader in the podcast industry, providing agencies, companies and advertisers access and counsel to maximize the potential of what remains a mostly untapped Canadian market. Jeff Ulster appeared in our podcast (Episode 72) when he explored the Canadian Podcast Listener - a Landscape Study with Jeff Vidler. Jeff Ulster, the co-publisher of The Canadian Podcast Listener Report, was Director of Digital Talk Content for CBC and has worked with US partners like Apple, NPR, Midroll and PRX.




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