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Gregr and the Sound of Seattle

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Gregr is the Morning Host at 107.7 the End in Seattle, as well as the creator of a whole host of podcasts, namely, So You're In Seattle, Our Dumb Podcast with co-host Manley, Nerd Talk, and Full 90. The secret to his success lies somewhere between a deep passion for his work and the fact that he mirrors the sleeping habits of his infant child, which leaves him well-rested enough to balance all that content creation.

I met Gregr last summer at the Podcast Movement. We shared the stage at Jacob’s Media’s Broadcaster meet Podcaster series. We had dinner the night before the event and I remember he had the most unrelenting deer-in-the-headlights look in his eyes. As it turns out, he was on-edge because he had just welcome his first-born a day or two before the event. Throughout dinner we shared countless radio and podcast stories. I was impressed that he seemed to be producing a whopping 4 podcasts on top of a successful morning radio show in Seattle. The truth is, Gregr and I could have talked forever about radio and Seattle Sounders, but out of fairness to the rest of the company at the dinner, I told him we would finish the conversation on this podcast. And nearly one year later, we managed to make the time.

On this episode, we cover how exactly Gregr makes it all work. Turns out, his schedule lends nicely to fatherhood. He heads to bed early and is able to wake up at the crack of dawn to head into the office. His other podcasts are almost entirely passion projects, too; ones that centre on subjects that he already loves to talk about with guests and co-hosts who make his work not really feel like work. Seems simple enough! We also catch up about 107-7 The End's infamous 2 Minute Promise and its consistent appeal to Millennial listeners. You might remember that we touched on this subject on an earlier episode of the podcast with the station's program director Leslie Scott, on Episode 23. We continue to wonder why more stations don't adopt this stellar policy.


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