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Buzz Knight: Healthy Paranoia

Updated: May 3, 2019

Buzz knight cundill
Buzz Knight, EVP Innovation & Strategy, Beasley Media Group

We spoke about his past in radio working at legendary stations like doing weekends at WNEW and programming legendary WZLX. From there we dove into radio's future, podcast strategy, why Beasley Media Group got involved with e-Sports, and defining innovation overall. His role at Beasley began evolving back in 2016 when Greater Media was sold to Beasley. If you are wondering where radio is going - this is a good listen.

Also take the time to subscribe to his podcast which features conversations about leadership, innovation and change in fields that are associated with radio. There's also a 5 part interview with historian Doris Kerns Goodwin that I thoroughly enjoyed, and was played out in the type of room I imagined; surrounded by cozy chairs and a lot of books.

Buzz touched on a few podcast initiatives at the company including Twisted Philly and Wrestling Inside the Ropes. You can connect to both shows by clicking on the links. I also brought up Checkpoint Radio is a part of the e-Sports initiative I referenced.


We've relocated for a good portion of the month to Arizona on a combination of radio and podcast adventure. On our trip down here, I listened to a few of the podcasts offered up at Beasley Media Group. Below are a few we binged on:


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