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Ari Daniel: Be Cool Or Be Cast Out

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

I know what you are thinking; with a title like that, the episode involves Rush. It does not. But given all the discussion of Ari's upbringing in the Suburbs of Toronto, and his affinity for playing the bass, this lyric from the song Subdivisions came to my head.

Ari Daniel now lives in Vancouver after working at great radio stations like Virgin Radio 94.5, Sun FM 99.9 in Kelowna, and EZ Rock 97.3 in Toronto. There are lots of legendary names that get mentioned in this episode; all contributors and inspirations to Ari's radio career which started at the age of 15 before he got to Ryerson. (Now Toronto Metropolitan University)

In this episode you will hear how Ari wound up inside the building of 2 St. Clair as a teenager, how he loved moving across Canada to work in Kelowna, British Columbia, (who wouldn't) and how he arrived in Vancouver to work at the Beat 94.5 and then Virgin 94.5.


Ari also hosts a podcast. You can link to it here. One hour, one anonymous caller, one story about addiction. I remember hearing about the podcast called Beautiful Anonymous a number of years ago and saying - I wish I had thought of that. Turns out Ari found a way to repurpose a great idea and help others at the same time.


Ari is a goalie as well. We talked a little bit about how that is different but what all goalies really want to say is.... be kind when warming me up.




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