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Brady Kingsbury: Listen to the Bradio

Updated: May 16, 2022

Before starting this episode, I want you to imagine the program director of a radio station. You're probably picturing someone around my age, or maybe a bit older, depending on the station. A mature man or woman, with over a decade of experience in broadcasting, who can use that experience to run things smoothly and professionally. What you're probably not picturing is a 26-year-old Pro Tools aficionado and part-time radio host who's handling a station for the first time. But that's exactly the position Brady Kingsbury found himself in, and he nailed it.

If nothing else, Brady's history in broadcasting is a testament to the value of playing to your strengths, while also doing everything you can to lengthen the list of things you can call "strengths." As he says in this episode, he's never been afraid to get tossed into the deep end. It just gives him a chance to show you how well he can swim.

In this episode, I talk to Brady about how he went from working at a mall to programming Jack FM in London, Ontario in only 7 years. We dive into his love of audio editing, the process of learning Pro Tools, and the great friends he made along the way who helped jumpstart his career- including Jeff Lumby and Scott Tucker.


If you want to stay caught up with Brady, drop him a follow on Twitter:

You can listen to Brady on 96.7 CHYM in Kitchener, weekday mornings starting at 5am. Listen to some clips from the show here.




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