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Chris Cruise: Throwback Nation 2K

Chris Cruise never had a radio career; he's always been a content creator. The Detroit native was let go from Entercom's Amp Radio 98.7 and attempted the sales thing before returning to his roots as a teacher at Chris can be heard on a number of station's across America already, but you're about to hear a lot more of him with the launch of Throwback Nation 2K in January. The original classic hits juggernaut Throwback Nation is a the creation of Tony Lorino, and will now branch out in the next millenium with the music millennials grew up with. (Yes I had to ask - that's Brittany, NSync, Soul Decision.

In this episode, you will hear about Chris' radio journey through great radio markets like Fort Wayne, Indiana and Boise, Idaho. The social media strategies that made him an industry leader, and what's ahead for his YouTube Channel and Throwback Nation 2K which launches in January.

I referenced other podcast episodes about these markets. I am thinking specifically about the one with Big Rick Daniels who spent some time in Boise, and Scott Howard who continues to sell at WOWO in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

As promised, here are the connection points if you want to have Throwback Nation or Throwback Nation 2K on your radio station. Also subscribe to Chris' You Tube channel for video suggestions. Things like what sort of speaks and microphones you should have in your studio.


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