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Clayton Kroeker: Local & Social on the Prairies

Clayon Kroeker came out of Don Scott's Western Academy of Broadcast back in 2010 with eyes on becoming a sports commentator. Don suggested that he try FM Music to start as there are more opportunities avaiable. He landed the very coveted overnight position at GX94 in Yorkton, Saskatchewan which still believes in the power of overnight radio. Clayton then went on to work at Golden West Broadcasting in oil rich Estevan before landing in Saskatoon with Harvard owned Cruz 96.3.

In this episode, you will meet Clayton's dog Kipper and learn his back story. You will also hear about his search for the best chicken fingers. Much the same way Dave Portnoy at Barstool Sports rates Pizza, Clayton is a chicken finger aficionado. I did not ask him about his affinity for playing goalie, but we did discuss his relationship with the Saskatoon Blades where he is the intermission house announcer. He was actually re-acquired by the team.


We spoke about Clayton's quest to find the best Chicken fingers. He is making the quest social.

Here is the criteria:

  • Shape

  • Fries

  • “The Picky Eater Test”

  • Plum Sauce

  • “The Kipper Test”

  • “The Moe Test”

And His "Tendee Tips"

  • “The true Chicken Finger Aficionados know it’s all about the plum sauce.”

  • “You know it’s going to be good if it’s all tendees on the top and you can’t see any fries.”

  • “You know it’s good when the plum sauce is gone and you’re dipping the fries in there.”

  • “If it’s in a strip mall, it’s probably good food.”

  • “Don’t sleep on bowling alley or curling club food.”

  • “Make sure you put your plate at the end of the table. Lets your server know you’re done.”

  • “If a place has plastic cups, it’s going to be pretty good.”

  • “Don’t cross-sauce plum sauce and honey dill.”

  • “Do cross-sauce BBQ sauce and honey dill.”

  • “Veteran move: cut open your tendees, safety first. Don’t burn your mouth.”

  • “The fries, you know they’re going to be good when they have the potato skins on both ends still.”


And we found out that he is also the youngest in his family which means that he had to ride the piano bench for many large family gatherings at Thanksgiving and Christmas.


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